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Our team here at Augold started as a just small simple processing company in 2015. We recently have evolved into a modernized produce and packaging supplier providing quality products with advanced planting scales, advanced picking processing mechanization, management intensification, and quality control system. We pride ourselves on standing out from the competition by have an international team that handles the entire industry chain from planting, picking, processing, storing, transporting and marketing.


Our tight knit team helps export organic food and sustainable packaging to America, Russia, the UK, Thailand, Japan, Australia and all over of the globe. With out excellent world market reputation, we have access to the best products around the globe which we all provide on our website. Interested in working with the best? Contact us. We can’t wait to connect with you. 


Our Mission

Quality is our life

Since day one, our mission has been to create accessibility to a wide range of quality products and logistical services to clients that will help them thrive and shop with ease. We are here for our clients, wherever, whenever. With our global team focused on efficiency, quality, communication and outstanding service, we are confident we can successful supply your business. 


With our world-wide experience working with some of the biggest supermarkets, small/medium businesses in the world, we know that sometimes things can get challenging, so we are here to ease the load off your shoulders. Take a look at our site and see all that I can do for you today.

Harvesting peas. 

Sourcing & Distribution 

Responsibly Sourced

Although our product are shipped around the world, our sourcing is always organic and local.  Our organic fruits and vegetables are grown on the country city of Chifeng located in inner Mongolia. Our 100% organic products cover an area of more than 601 ha (60,100 acres) and our workshop is over 10,000 square meters. The farming plant has achieved multiple national exporting certificates, is fully registered by the FDA and passed BRC, HALAL, LOSHER, HACCP, QS and ISO 9001, and ISO 22000 international quality system certificates.

Our packaging is made with the most innovative sustainable practices to ensure your business is reaches the lowest carbon footprint possible. We know what packaging will best suite your specific business's needs due to our years of experience so, please contact us with any questions. 


Our experience and products speak for themselves. Want to find out more? Book a factory visit with us. 

Farmer Repairing Greenhouse
Community Kitchen Garden


Always organic

Our products are always organic and sustainable to ensure the agricultural and packaging community is doing their part in saving the world. See our sustainable packaging and organic produce and try it for yourself. Who knew something plant-based could have such an impact? 

We harvest peas with a Ploeger pea harvester to strip the pods from the vines before shipping them to the factory to be frozen。 

With advance farming techniques, we are able to maximize quality of our products with machinery such as this. 


Green farmland from our farm in inner Mongolia. 

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