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How we fight
food waste

  • Food waste has been gaining attention in recent years and plans for reducing this waste are important for saving fresh water, land, and labour. Two main areas of waste occur on the farm, and in warehouses where the produce is packed and prepared for shipment. Our main focus is on reducing the amount of waste, and secondarily, reducing the negative environmental impacts that come from this waste.

  • One way we reduce in-farm waste is through selling food to different consumers on a range from processing grade to top class produce. We also focus on using efficient forms of harvesting, as well as we explore pest management solutions. At our warehouse, we concentrate on sustaining optimal storage conditions, rotating stock on a “first-in, first-out” (FIFO) basis, and setting alerts for when produce will expire. 

  • Some amounts of waste are unavoidable, so, when we have excess product, we freeze it. We also give wasted produce to nearby farms so they can compost it for feed for their animals, or so that they can recycle it and circulate it back into the growing process. 

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